Winemaking Consultancy
Twisted Vino, through its staff, has over 20 years’ experience sourcing bulk wine for international clients. During this time, our staff have achieved over 120 international wine show trophies and medals.

Over the years, our team have pioneered cutting edge winemaking technology to complement traditional winemaking techniques in pursuit of high quality wines that are balanced, complex, and a pleasure to drink at every price point.

With access to the finest grape growing regions in Australia, Twisted Vino consistently strives to exceed client expectations by handcrafting wines that are a true reflection of each region’s terroir. With the help of our partners we have an extensive network of established grape grower and winery contacts to source unique wine parcels that meet the client’s requirements.

Twisted Vino works closely with each client to deliver a finished wine that meets both Australian and International Food Standards and mandatory compliances. As part of the consulting process, we will personally ensure safe delivery of bulk wine to the bottling facility and conduct final tasting, blending, and additions prior to packaging production. We will provide winemaking technical tasting notes for each blend to facilitate the final label artwork process.
Label Design and Printing
As part of our one-stop-shop service, Twisted Vino has a dedicated label designer with the expertise, passion, and flair to create any front and back label design required by our customers, including all legally required information.

We have access to and a close working relationship with the best label printing businesses Australia has to offer. There are no jobs too complex or too big for these companies, and their professionalism is a perfect match for your wine label.
Packaging and Production
Twisted Vino’s expertise extends from large scale primary production management to all aspects of the supply chain process to ensure the safe and timely delivery of cargo to its final destination. Throughout this process, we will ensure that all Quality Standards are achieved in bottling and packaging and conform to international codes such as HACCP and CODEX principles.

We will ensure that all winemaking and production records are maintained in accordance with Australian Regulatory compliances. Thereafter, the finished wine undergoes spectrum analysis by a NATA accredited laboratory to obtain certification for Australian product registration and export approval. This ensures a seamless product approval process in readiness for freight forwarding.
Freight Forwarding
Twisted Vino will liaise with the client’s freight forwarder to facilitate the timely delivery of cargo to the container packing facility and will personally supervise container loading to ensure that products are safely packed for the vessel journey. Each container will be insulated with a thermal blanket to minimize risk of temperature variances and a temperature monitor will be placed in each container to record temperatures until the cargo reaches its final destination.

Every effort is taken to ensure that the cargo and wine quality is not compromised during the freight forwarding process.
Export Clearance Process
Twisted Vino has extensive experience in destination Customs Clearance procedures and collaborates closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the required documents and Australian Government certificates are authenticated and promptly delivered to the client’s consignee prior to vessel arrival. In particular, Chinese Customs Clearance requires a broad range of authenticated documents and we will ensure that every requirement is met.